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Battle Line

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 Greek Flag2

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Battle Line is a card game in which you are trying to win a battle by taking 3 adjacent flags or any 5 flags (of 9) in the line between you and your opponent. Can you put together formations to overpower the other player?

Setting up Battle Line consists of placing the nine flag pawns in the middle of the table, shuffling the two decks, placing the tactics and draw decks at either end of the line and dealing seven cards to each player. 
Your goal is to win flags. To win the game you must get 5 of the 9 flags or get 3 next to each other. Your turn consists of playing a card and then drawing from either the draw or tactics deck. On your side of each flag you lay three cards (one per turn) and different card combinations represent different troop formations. Three same-colored cards in a run beat three cards of the same value which beat three cards of the same color which beat three cards in a run which beat any three cards. If both players have three cards in a run then the player with the highest total wins the flag. If the sum of the three cards is the same the player who played the last card loses the flag. Tactics cards give you some powerful abilities. From stealing an opponent’s Troop to allowing four cards on one flag to the tactic card being a wildcard. The catch is you can only have one more in play than your opponent does. The troop deck consists of 6 colors numbered 1-10 and there is one copy of each of the ten tactics cards. If you can prove your opponent will not be able claim a flag you may take it immediately. There is also an advanced rule that you must claims flags at the beginning of your turn.


Battle Line is a great two player game with a great mix of strategy and luck. You must play what you are dealt, but how you play does matter. This game is reminiscent of Lost Cities, but the variety of formations you can make and tactics cards really set it apart. Battle Line is a game that is simple to play but has a good bit of depth. Knowing the tactics cards can help you know your options, but new players should be up to speed after just a couple plays. Battle Line is great two player game that almost anyone can enjoy. Not too complex so even your non-gamer friends will play and enjoy it. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a fun game for two.


This is the 2012 GMT Version.


     Greek Rules



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Great for 2
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Mechanics :
Hand Management,Set Collection
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Card Game
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Designer :
Reiner Knizia
Publisher :
GMT Games

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