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As a thank you for buying from Red Meeple and as a way to reward our most loyal customers we have implemented a system of return points. With each purchase you earn points. At any point, you can turn those points to real euros for a purchase from 


Gaining Points 

Each product provides a set amount of points that is visible on the product description. For most products you will earn 0,1 point for every 2,5 euros, so for example a 40 euro boardgame will reward you with 2 points. However, this analogy may differ if the product is on a special price for any reason. In addition, depending on the order total value, additional points can be gained according to the following table:

Total Order Value Extra Points
50-99 1
100-149 4
150-199 8
200+ 16

The total of points (both from products and extra from total order value) you earn from each order will be visible to the shopping cart before checkout. 

Finally, each new user will automatically get 10 points as a gift after he completes registration!


Using Points

At any time, you can review your points from your account submenu: Points. There you can also change any amount of points to a euro "chip" that you can add to the shopping cart to reduce the total cost of an order. When you change your points to euro, you get 1 euro for every 8 points, rounding down. When using a chip for an order, please remember that you cannot fall below 0.



John who lives in Cyprus has a total of 216 points from previous purchases. He decides to convert 150 points to euro and gets a chip of 18 euros. He then procceds to purchase a total of 111 euros in boardgames that lead to a product total of 93 euro with the use of the chip. Shipping and Payment costs are then added (Shipping Cost of 10 euros for a purchase between 100 and 149 euros - for Cyprus + (f.e.) 4 euros for Cash on Delivery payment) for a checkout of 107 euros.



Can I earn points from VAT? Yes, a product that costs 100 euros without VAT and 123 euros with VAT will give you 5 points, not 5.

Can I earn points from shipping and payment method? No, when calculating points, shipping and payment costs are excluded.

Can I earn points from discounted products? No, if you purchase a product you will get points only for the amount you paid.

Can I use a chip to buy products on special price? Yes, the only thing that may change with products on special price is that they reward you with less points than usual. (but you get them much cheaper anyway!)

What if I made a chip but don't want to use it right now, do I lose it? No, unused chips are valid for a year so you have plenty of time to use it. Plus, you can at any point convert it back to points.

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