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Revolver: Hunt the Man Down (Exp.)

8,90 €
6,00 €

Hunt the man down

A vicious hardened convict is imprisoned within the walls of a brutal Texan prison. Locked inside his mind is the key to Colonel Ned McReady’s downfall, and Jack Colty is the only cowpoke alive who can spring him out. Trouble is, Jack ‘s already being pursued by the vengeful Colonel about another matter... In the end, only one side will claim victory. Will it be yours?

Expansion to the successful and highly thematic two-player game “Revolver” which add new tactics and make the battle between Jack and Ned even more intense adds a lot of new possibilities, without changing the game play from the original game too much contains two modules which can easily be combined with the basic game either collectively or individually. Please keep in mind that for module 1 a copy of the 1.1 ‘Ambush on Gunshot Trail’ (also a White Goblin Games release) is required!

Contains a brand new battlefield (with its own set of rules), where Colty might be able to free an extra bandit!

Build your own deck and determine your own playing style; the possibilities are endless!





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Designer :
Mark Chaplin
Publisher :
White Goblin Games
Language :

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